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What to do if the liquid in the washer reservoir is frozen

Who among us believes in weather forecasts? Probably only the one who can even consider himself superstitious. Here winter, for example, always comes unexpectedly, and drivers begin to scratch their heads and frantically invent where to get winter tires, how to reanimate a dead battery, and what to do to defrost the washer tank that shackled the shameless ice.

Outside, Epiphany frosts pop up, winter, like a well-drunk lady, allows himself almost everything, fur coats start walking their housewives, and in Russian refrigerators it gets warmer than outside the window. Such weather is created for warm plaids, mugs with hot tea and melodramatic comedies with family. But, alas, winter is tricky and sometimes makes you solve rather difficult puzzles.

Frozen Washer
Even an experienced driver can wake up in the morning and find that the thermometers have brazenly dropped below zero. The car owner begins to mentally sort out in his head whether he did everything so that the frosts do not affect the well-being of his “steel horse”. And here comes the disappointment – there is water in the washer reservoir, and the recently purchased “non-freeze” is still on the shelf in the garage. And if on the street minus, it means that the liquid in the washer reservoir is frozen. No options.

The image of a trickle of fluid on the lid of the tank in the frost looks like a mockery

They say that the problems that are piling on a person are an opportunity to take the path of self-development. Nonsense. But one thing is clear only that sometimes it is better not to solve problems, but to negotiate with him. So we offer you to “negotiate” with the cold-water washer reservoir of your car. There are only two options: either you become part of the solution, or remain part of the problem.

What not to do
There are many tips on the web about what to do if the water in the washer is frozen. And the first one is to use hot water. Option. But it should be borne in mind that this method will work only if the tank is filled by no more than a third. Otherwise, you can only exacerbate the situation. In addition, in no case can not use boiling water, which can easily deform the container for the liquid. So do not cut the Gordian knot in a temper, because there may be knots under it.

Stock up on “non-freezing” in advance

It also does not help just start the engine and warm it up, because, like most cars, the windshield washers are not located under the hood at all, but under the wing. In order to defrost the ice in this case, you need an engine with a devil fuse.

What to do if the water in the washer reservoir is frozen
If you are a happy owner of a miracle of the domestic auto industry, then your VAZ will not let you down, because with him this problem is very easy to solve. It is enough to remove the tank and warm it in a warm place. With foreign cars things are completely different. So our management is primarily concerned with the owners of foreign cars.

With vazovskimi tanks washers no problems

So, first you should buy a good non-freezing liquid, which would have an extreme temperature threshold. Then we warm up the car so that it seems as if you have not a stove, but a fireplace.

Non-freezing liquid worth heating

“Nezamerzayku” should be heated, and then pour into the washer tank, occupied by ice. As the ice melts, the water will change from a solid to a liquid state and decrease in volume. This means that we need to add non-freezing liquid. After the operation to rescue the cleaning system of the glass from the tank, it is necessary to drain all the liquid and pour the “non-freezing”.

Warm parking will help get rid of ice

If you have time, you can drive the car to a warm parking lot of a shopping center or go to a car wash – as a rule, it is warm enough in such places to solve the problem.

Our advice to you
If the tube that goes to the washing nozzles is frozen, then with a strong pressure of the liquid, it can easily jump off the nozzle. Do not let the Buddha, it will happen with the rear window washer – you will not endure problems.
But the owners of cars that are equipped with heated injectors and washer reservoir, never wonder at what temperature the water freezes. We remind – at 0 ° С. We wish you that your problems with the car were calculated by the same figure.

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