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The crossover today is one of the most popular and current types of car. It combines the qualities of a passenger car, on the platform of which it is built, and an SUV, with which it is often confused. The crossover took over from the SUV a lot of special features, including increased ground clearance, large wheels, four-wheel drive, increased body size and capacity, high seating position for drivers and passengers. It has a high maneuverability, although, of course, it is not very strong in terms of this parameter to the SUV. This is a comfortable city car, where you can safely go out of town, if you are not going to overcome significant obstacles, which is very important for Russia.

If you are interested in which crossover to choose, then you need to decide on the size of the car. The overall parameters distinguish the following types of crossovers:

Compact – built on class “C” or “B +” platforms. The most popular segment for use in the city.
Mid-size – built on class “D” platforms. These are good crossovers, optimally combining high capacity, comfort and increased permeability.
Full size. Truly large machines for maximum comfort and capacity.
The expert advice will help answer the question of which crossover to choose. Experts recommend to pay attention to the following parameters:

The cost of cars. Match the price with your budget, taking into account the cost of operation and maintenance of the machine.
Mark. Each manufacturer has its own advantages and features. Therefore, it is important to weigh everything well.
Technical characteristics: engine type and power, fuel consumption, availability and type of all-wheel drive, ground clearance, etc.
Safety, dimensions of the cabin and trunk, the overall level of comfort.
Think which crossover to choose in 2018? Consider a few of the most popular models from different manufacturers.

Nissan Qashqai. Popular compact crossover in Russia. Combines excellent dynamics, excellent maneuverability, high level of comfort and safety. In the engine range there are two petrol engines of 1.2 and 2.0 liters with a capacity of 115 and 144 horsepower, respectively, as well as a 130-horsepower diesel engine of 1.6 liters. The engine can work in conjunction with a 6-speed manual or CVT Xtronic CVT. Configuration and prices Nissan Qashqai impressive diversity. The buyer offers 13 versions, which allows you to choose the best car for your taste and budget. And even in the basic configuration there is a rich equipment with cruise control, heated front seats, a set of active safety systems, and an advanced audio system. More expensive versions offer even more advanced features: climate control, all-round view system, parking sensors, proprietary multimedia system Nissan Connect, and much more.

The choice of a crossover in 2018 – Nissan Qashqai
Nissan Murano. Another popular crossover model from the legendary Japanese concern. Today, you can buy a Nissan Murano with 3.5-liter petrol engines (249 hp) and a 2.5-liter hybrid power unit (254 hp), working in conjunction with variations of the X-Tronic CV. The model is offered with plug-in or front wheel drive only. This is a very stylish and beautiful car with a bright design and excellent comfort. It is almost perfect for the role of the urban crossover. A large selection of equipment in which the advanced equipment is presented allows the buyer to choose a car for themselves. Interior equipment provides a high level of comfort. For example, all Murano seats have instant heat function. In addition, the car is equipped with advanced active safety systems.

The choice of a crossover in 2018 – Nissan Murano
Kia Sportage. This is really a worthy choice for a combination of technical characteristics and comfort. The car has a four-wheel drive system, a powerful engine with acceleration to a hundred in just 9.8 seconds, modern driving assistance systems. Roomy interior offers an adequate level of comfort. Also, buyers have a wide range of options available.

The choice of a crossover in 2018 – Kia Sportage
Volkswagen Tiguan. The car is made in off-road style, has increased ground clearance. Powerful and reliable engine provides excellent dynamic performance. The car is equipped with a modern all-wheel drive system. Off-road and sport control modes are available. The model is impressive variety of complete sets with excellent equipment. In addition, Tiguan recognized by experts as one of the safest crossovers.

Choosing a crossover in 2018 – Volkswagen Tiguan
Toyota RAV4. Toyota’s smallest crossover attracts with excellent features and stylish design. Buyers are offered three options for ICE, including one diesel.

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