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New BMW X8

While the global automakers are struggling for environmental friendliness, producing cars with subcompact engines, fanned out by turbines, and also developing increasingly complex electric cars, the Bavarian auto giant continues to popularize sports full-size crossovers with high-performance ICE of all variations. One of these cars will be the BMW X8, which deservedly takes its place in the lineup of BMW.

In the middle of 2018, the X7 was first introduced in Frankfurt, and insights about the development of a new model, the BMW X8 with the G09 index, began to appear after it.

In this article, we have gathered as much information as possible about the flagship of the line from trusted sources. We will try, as detailed as possible, to describe the characteristics of the BMW X8 and compare the new product with its competitors.

The appearance of the new BMW X8
Now we can say that the BMW X8 is the ideological receiver of the X6, but even more luxurious and modern. Such a conclusion suggests itself when in most of the photographs we see a “littered” roof and a coupe-like design. Although there is information that German engineers will release an extended version of the already huge X7. But let’s get started in order.

Looking at the photo of the BMW X8, you can see the continuity of the new X7 last year. And this is not surprising, because this will be the further design of all future models of the brand. The first thing that catches the eye in the exterior of the BMW X8 is the redesigned grille. Classic “nostrils” have become noticeably larger and have lost their usual smooth lines. Instead, we now have two massive diamond-shaped lattices decorated with vertical chrome stripes.

The front bumper also lost its smooth lines and received a more aggressive “chopped” design. Surprisingly changed the side air intakes. If in the younger versions of the series they were just big, then in the photo of the new BMW X8 they seem to be just huge. It is expected that they will actually be intercoolers. As for the fog lights, they will get a complex shape and will be edged with chrome accents.

In the lower part of the bumper, we are already awaited by the “lip” familiar to many, according to previous models, with a false grille, behind which cameras of adaptive cruise control, proximity sensors and other electronic systems will hide.

Special attention deserve the headlights. With each generation, they became all in their last variations and reached their apogee. This can be judged if you look at the latest photos of the new BMW X8. Expectedly, they installed modern laser optics with redesigned, but still recognizable Angel Eyes. In general, in their form and design, they resemble optics installed in the futuristic I8.

Despite all doubts, the model should look like an enlarged and pumped up X6 from the front. Fundamental differences should not be expected. Is that on some renders, we can see the L-shaped chrome strip, which begins on the front fender and ends at the rear bumper. The same solution was used in the X7, except for the fact that it emphasized the air vent on the wings.

The “loin” part of the car is made in a more classic style: stylish optics, starting from the rear wings, a massive bumper and dual exhaust. Although it is likely that manufacturers will significantly change the rear view of the car, due to the sports package.

Rumor has it that one of the interesting options would be to turn the crossover into a liftback, as Mercedes did in its Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept.

Perhaps, the company makes such leaks, only in order to “probe” the audience on the way to the best option.

In general, the appearance of the BMW X8 can be called ambiguous. Designers have tried to keep the Spartan corporate style, while increasing the new-fashioned aggressive pressure.

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Car interior
Salon BMW X8 will be completely reworked in the manner of ultramodern prototypes with notes of classic style, which were previously presented by the company. In general, it will differ slightly from what we used to see. Firstly, the company has not changed its interior, aimed primarily at the driver, for more than 10 years. If there were some improvements, they are insignificant. Something really new, we could only see in the i. Secondly, the novelty will be positioned as a premium SUV, with which the brand plans to conquer the markets of China and America. Therefore, prudent German engineers and marketers did not take risks, offering something radically new. Thirdly, we already have something to make a start from, because one of the models of the “new generation” has already been presented. But let’s order.

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