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Choosing Opel Corsa with mileage

Small cars in Russia are not in high demand. One of the exceptions is the Opel Corsa, which managed to find its buyer. Under the condition of the careful attitude of the previous owner, it makes sense to take a car with mileage.

Advantages of the car Opel Corsa
Opel relies on a combination of performance and low cost. All cars of the Corsa series were characterized by good performance, reliability, pleasant design. The quality of the car has been preserved up to the latest modifications B, C and especially D, where the developers used the enlarged, flexible SCCS platform in combination with a comfortable lounge, safety, and controllability.

The car managed to break into the TOP of small-sized cars, overcoming the negative trends associated with the skepticism of the new owners of Opel from the concern General Motors.

In Russia, it occupied the top position at all, until the crisis of 2008 and the jumps in the Euro quotes did not exacerbate sales. Despite the fall, the Opel Corsa continues to be in demand, attracting drivers with a wide range of engines, simple handling, long-term operation. By 2017, 10 years have passed since the release of the first production car, but most of the cars remain on the move.

Body Features Opel Corsa
Even in the twentieth century, the body was considered the most vulnerable spot of Opel models, giving rise to strong associations with rust and corrosion. Using plastic, aluminum alloys and galvanized (missing only on the roof), the developers changed the trend by presenting a car in the person of Corsa, which is practically not susceptible to corrosion, excluding situations associated with mechanical damage. The rest of the scratches, chips, and other defects do not rot over the years, even if the peeling of the paint is large.

Opel Corsa Appearance

Hazardous zones are weak bottom, closed seams and joints. Here, despite the quality material, paintwork easily comes off due to impact, sand, stones, which leads to the need to repaint the rear fenders (3-door versions suffer) arches (especially in 5-door versions) and bonnet edges. Since 2008, Opel Corsa stopped completing door moldings, which increased the number of dents and chips.

IMPORTANT! Very often, the owners are faced with poor condition of the seams above the engine, blockage of the drain channels of windshields, moisture in the cabin. Problems are local in nature and in the absence of an accident, corrosion is excluded.

During the operation, part of the owners, using cheap Chinese parts, refers to the services of unqualified mechanics, trying to save on painting, which invariably forms rust.

In the basic version, the car is equipped with a Pilkington windshield that can withstand a strong mechanical impact. The rear window is much more expensive, and its heating threads quickly crumble, requiring expensive repairs.

There are AFL headlights, which at the time of the release had no equivalent analogues. Despite the strong light, they are prone to rubbing, needing to polish and rehabilitate fixing knots if the bumper has been hit. After a few years, the work of the reflector and lens drives is disrupted, forcing to resort to replacing headlights.

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What to look for when inspecting the cabin
Decent side of the Opel Corsa D is the salon, which combines simplicity and comfort. The stove radiator is very reliable, the drawdown of the seats and peeling of the skin is observed only after many years of operation, and the smoothness of the outlines of the lever casing disappears after 70 thousand kilometers. The remaining components reliably serve without losing aesthetic properties.

Salon Opel Corsa

Illumination problems begin in 5-7 years, the whole structure of lamps and diodes complicates the replacement. The climate system is copied from Fiat cars, repeating the advantages and disadvantages of noisy bearings and the need to replace the fan after 150 km of run. Successful diagnostics and repairs require the skill of a wizard who can fix air conditioner leaks caused by weak seals and vibrations. The coupling and compressor often fail, and the condenser is exposed to stones.

The onboard computer interface loses clarity over time, rendering a blurred image. The way out is to replace modules, blocks, or use a color version of the CID that works without problems.

As a rule, the dysfunction of the cabin systems is associated with the breakdown of the components of the BCM, which play the role of the fuse. A simple replacement will not help, since the unit closes on many of the options, including rain indicators and fog lights. Other Corsa units, which are closely related to the bundle, act in a similar way, which is why wiring and modules have to be affected when changing them.

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