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Auto review of the new Opel Insignia

The homeland of Count Dracula became the site of the long-awaited test of the second generation of advanced Opel Insignia. The premiere show of a new generation of cars took place in March 2017 at the Geneva Motor Show. Opel’s flagship received not only improved appearance, but also technological processing. The use of high-strength steel and light-alloyed metal made it possible to make the car 175 kg lighter.

Description and specificity of the car
Since the release of the first generation Opel Insignia, at least 1,000,000 buyers have given it preference. In many ways, such popularity has emerged because of the bright and unique design, a large range of engines, the presence of a number of body variations, a large selection of complete sets.

Opel Insignia appearance

It should be said that the model was sold not only under the Opel brand, but also under the Buick brand in America and some Asian countries. The latest generation of Insignia was presented in March at the Geneva Motor Show and is designed not only to strengthen the brand’s position in the segment, but also to interest new car enthusiasts. To help with this end, she can have many impressive arguments. So, for example, in terms of its size and size of the wheelbase, the new car outperformed almost all competitors. Insignia now has an adaptive all-wheel drive system, a significantly improved suspension, an eight-speed automatic transmission, a one and a half liter turbo engine with direct injection, and a diesel engine with a pair of turbines.

Sizes, convenience and comfort of the new Insignia
The large cabin space and impressive dimensions of the trunk of this car allows it to occupy a good position among the rivals. A real achievement of the designers of the new Insignia 2017 is the increased comfort seats, which were created with the participation of employees from the AGR association from Germany. Such chairs allow you to make sitting in the car not only comfortable, but also beneficial to the health of your back. The driver’s seat in addition to various electric drives and heating has a memory in several positions. It also received the functionality of the massager. The passenger seat has the ability to mechanical adjustment and electric drive to support the waist.

Salon Opel Insignia

Passengers from the back row will feel at least comfortable, they have heated seats, personal blower vents and a pair of USB ports. True, the third passenger from behind will have to share a seat with a wide transmission tunnel.

Interior Opel Insignia

The front panel of the novelty has been completely redone, now it has found a place for the impressive size of the touch screen. The combined instrument panel in addition to analog sensors also has a 4.2-inch color screen. By analogy with the main display, the dashboard can be customized to the individual needs of each driver using the buttons on the right side of the steering wheel.

Dashboard Opel Insignia

Also in the new Opel Insignia appeared a system of projection on the windshield, which allows the driver to provide various information, for example, navigator readings. Among the huge number of innovations that have become available in the new generation of these cars, you can see the entertainment and information system offered optionally. Managing additional features is now even easier and more convenient.

The unique technology IntelliLink allows you to maximize the use of all the functional applications for the car on smartphones and communicators. This technology adds quite useful functions, for example, you can learn about traffic jams via radio channels of special stations, this means that you do not need to connect to the global network and information will be received completely free of charge, as well as the ability to download add-ons, for example, weather applications. Smartphones can be connected to the system via wireless or via USB. To control a large number of important functions of the smartphone and radio, you can use the voice or special keys on the steering wheel – this allows you to stay in touch and not be in danger.

Multimedia Opel Insignia

All the necessary information from the system will be displayed on the main screen, control is also carried out using the buttons on the steering wheel.

Despite the fact that the second generation insignia of 2017 was slightly lower than the previous one, the driver does not have problems with the review. During the movement back you will be helped not only by mirrors, but also by a rear-view camera with all-round visibility.

Opel Insignia

Buyers are available petrol turbocharged engines with a volume of one and a half liters (140 hp and 165 hp), as well as a two-liter version 2.0 Turbo for 260 forces. Engine and a half liters depending on the number of horsepower works with a manual or automatic six-speed gearbox.

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