Creative representatives of the C class - cars Renault Megane!
In 2003, two Renault Megane models appeared on the Moscow automobile market - the Megane Estate and the Megane Sedan. After the presentation of these cars to the general Russian…

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Creative representatives of the C class – cars Renault Megane!

In 2003, two Renault Megane models appeared on the Moscow automobile market – the Megane Estate and the Megane Sedan. After the presentation of these cars to the general Russian public, the real excitement began – the race for these beauties. Both models are endowed with a bright personality. They combine all the advantages of the Megan platform. In the areas of ergonomics, road performance and safety, these cars have no equal.

New Renault Megane 2013 Hatchback
Renault Megane Hatchback

Megane Estate and Megane Sedan are owners of the largest sizes in this class. Consumer characteristics meet the most ambitious expectations of customers who appreciate practicality, convenience and individuality in the car. After all, you see, it is much more pleasant to have a car, which has its counterparts on city roads once or twice and missed, than to ride “clones with wheels” and get lost in the gray crowd of identical models.

The share of models of the previous generation (Megane Break, Megane Classic) had a great success. Released cars, and it is not less than 750,000 units. Were bought up with a bang. That is why Renault, creating the Megane II, sought in every way to keep this grand past success. Two new models quickly caught up with their predecessors in popularity, and in 2003 they repeatedly overtook them, making Megan the best-selling car in Europe for that period!

From the very beginning, the Megane project was the apotheosis of reliability and a stronghold of high technologies!

The nature of the models Megane Estate and Megane Sedan has nothing to do with the ordinary and utilitarian nature of other Reno varieties. The market of station wagons and sedans is literally overflowing with boring and one-man representatives of the autoworld.

From the very first stage of the development of Megane Estate and Megane Sedan, the concept of these cars was carefully thought out. The exterior of these cars just had to become unusual, bright and memorable. Clear lines and precise, highly professional assembly speak of impeccable quality and reliability of these Renault models.

The back of both models are carefully crafted with a high percentage of originality. Such a study creates a stylistic balance of all parts of the car, ranging from the hood and doors, to the bumper.

Similarity of Megane Estate and Megane Sedan with other models
The Megane Estate, in the opinion of experts, is similar in some way to the Laguna Estate. Both cars have the same increased luggage capacity. In addition, they are united by a rapid pattern of rear vertical lights and 15 (16) inch wheels and, of course, luggage arches on the roof.

Megane Sedan was born as a result of a non-standard approach to the development of the body. As conceived by the developers, the body shape of Megan acquired non-standard dimensions, so that this car can be visually attributed to a higher class instance. From a distance it can be confused with Nisan Qashqai.

The quality of the interior trim is also thought out to the smallest detail, both on the sedan and on the hatchback version.

About the biggest sizes in class
As mentioned above, the Megane Estate and Megane Sedan are the largest sizes in their class. This provides excellent handling and impeccable comfort in the cabin. Note that such a mix of characteristics, which Megane representatives possess, could only be dreamed of before. The legroom for the rear passengers is significantly increased, and is 228 mm (sedan) and 230 mm (hatchback).

The Megan model range is characterized by different engine sizes:
1.6 liter engine – 75 hp, 1.6 liter engine – 90 hp, 2 liter – 114 hp, diesel – 64 hp, turbo diesel – 95 hp. In May 1995, the turbo diesel DTi was first released, characterized by direct fuel injection and a capacity of 98 horses.

Salon Megane Estate and Megane Sedan – the present perfection of style and ergonomics. Here everything is within the reach of your hand. You can start the engine using the “start” button. But not everything is so simple. If you do not have another component – a key card, you are unlikely to start this car. This key, which resembles a card of a business card format, has buttons “open”, “close” and “Baggage compartment”. In the usual sense of the word, the keys for the Renault Megane is not provided, and are they really necessary ?!

The legroom for the rear passengers is significantly increased, it is 228 mm (sedan) and 230 mm (hatchback). Speaking of landing in the car, it is impossible not to mention its relief, which increases due to the width of the rear doors. In comparison with the hatchback, the rear overhang of the sedan has become more by 228 mm, and the station wagon – by 230 mm. Because of this, the trunk volume reached a volume of 530 liters. This figure is much higher than the previous model Megan and his competitors.

The main feature of this model is a powerful, 3.6-liter V6 engine with direct injection. This is a huge step forward compared to last year’s model, which ran from a…


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