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Chip tuning: what is good and what is bad

The concept of chip tuning came into our lives after the cars were fully controlled by electronics. We smoke e-cigarettes and read e-books. Why not drive an electronic car? Anyway, many are interested in chip tuning today, because it allows changing the character of even the most modest car.

Let’s start with the definition. What is this notorious chip tuning? This is a change in the modes of the electric controllers by correcting the internal control programs. Typically, this type of tuning involves making changes to the ECU (Engine Control Unit) – engine control unit – and is used to increase the power of the power unit. But this is not all that chip-masters can promise you.

By itself, the question arises – are automakers so stupid that they themselves can not produce more powerful cars, so that car owners do not have to subsequently resort to chip tuning? Naturally not. The fact is that companies that produce cars have their own reasons for not running engines at full capacity. For example, the engine is often “jammed” in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, thereby minimizing the “eco-friendly tax”.

And such examples can be found at every turn. For example, in the Russian market, the diesel Ssang Yong Actyon is available in two versions: a two-liter engine with 175 horsepower and its deformed counterpart, whose power is 149 horsepower. And this is despite the fact that the design of these engines are not fundamentally different from each other.

What kind of motors can I chip?
If you are the owner of a steel horse, in whose broad chest an atmospheric heart beats, it is better to abandon the idea of ​​increasing its power. The reason for this non-optimistic recommendation lies in the fact that in the case of atmospheric engines, an increase in power by chipping can be only 3-7%. You will never feel such limits in practice.

But if a diesel engine or a supercharged “beast” roars under the hood, then you can count on the master squeezing out an additional 25, or even 50 percent, from it.

What is the chipping process?
The car is driven to the stand to check the power and mapping is carried out – specialists are looking for the data in the factory programs that are responsible for the engine operation. After that, the specialists make their adjustments, based on how large the number of regulatory parameters. In the case of simple motors, this is the fuel delivery time and the ignition timing. Sophisticated units, for example, BMW engines, are also puzzling with the angle of variable valve timing, valve lift height and variable intake manifold length.

The complexity of chip tuning lies in the fact that the motor control unit is rather closely connected with other systems and units. And if you make adjustments to the ECU, then, most likely, you will need to adjust the gearbox. All this is quite difficult, and the example of such a car as the new BMW “seven” is almost impossible: there are about 80 interconnected units in this car. So if you hear from someone about the “chip-driven” BMW 7-series, you can safely laugh with the dents in your voice.

… but it is better to go to those who have special equipment
Chip Tuning Cost
The price of this service depends on both the service and the car. You can do handicraft tuning for 1 thousand rubles, or you can turn to professionals, which will cost about 10 thousand rubles for a weak aspiration and 25 thousand rubles for a solid engine with a multi-liter “belly”.

Much depends on the brand of car. Chipuet VAZ “Niva” – the wallet will lose 2000 rubles, “overclocking” BMW will cost at least 5 thousand. If you own a sports monster, then setting it up will cost more than one thousand dollars.

Advantages of chip tuning
Before we start talking about all the pros and cons of chip tuning, I must say that all the points below can be considered purely subjective. Because a plus from a different angle may look like a minus, and a disadvantage, on the basis of certain arguments, can be transformed into dignity.

Chip tuning can please the car owner with improved dynamics, fuel economy, the elimination of “hangs” and “failures” of the engine, increased responsiveness of the gas pedal, the correction of program errors and the correction of motor characteristics. In general, a lot of talk about the advantages of chip-tuning does not make sense, because they are obvious.

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