How to clean the car from snow and ice
So the winter has come, the concept of which is special for Russia - the winter period in our country stretches for a long five months. Popular wisdom says that…

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Resource of the engine of the car VAZ
Engine: what is the resource The car accompanies many parameters, there is a maximum speed, norms on toxicity, efficiency, and, of course, each parameter has certain tolerances and methods for…

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Resource of the engine of the car VAZ
Engine: what is the resource The car accompanies many parameters, there is a maximum speed, norms on toxicity, efficiency, and, of course, each parameter has certain tolerances and methods for…

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Autocardiology: proper engine operation

What happens to a person when his heart starts to foul? Absolutely nothing good. And if the problems are serious, then it’s time to think about trying on a “wooden mac”. Do not forget that every car also has a heart, and caring for it entirely falls on the shoulders of the car owner, on whom it depends how long his car will be in shape and not go to the dump as a result of a premature autoinfarction.

The engine is the heart of your car

The efficiency of the power unit of your favorite car depends on many factors: on the conditions in which it is operated, on the thermal conditions and the loads to which you expose it, on the quality of fuel and lubricants, on how efficiently the air purification system works, and on much more.

Engine needs careful attention

There is no clear set of rules for operating the engine. The main thing is to be attentive. However, we still try to collect all the basic together, in order to learn to take care of the motor. And in the future, he will definitely answer you with the main thing – reliability. So let’s turn the key in the ignition.

Oil porridge will not spoil?
Alas, if we are talking about cars, poor-quality oil can be detrimental to the engine. The first recommendation is the timely replacement of oil. And it is not necessary to be guided by the interservice intervals. You can do this a little more often: for example, not every 10 thousand kilometers, but every 7.5 thousand.

Check the oil level every morning.

Monitor the quality of fuels and lubricants and do not ignore the viscosity index of oil, which is indicated for each specific engine model. If you still do not want to bother about this, then pay attention to all-season oil with an index of 5W40 or “synthetics” and “semi-synthetics” with a viscosity index of 10W40.

Do not forget about the timely replacement of oil

For modern oil, there is no difference in which engine it is poured into – in gasoline or diesel. If you are sure that the oil quality class meets all generally accepted standards, it is not at all necessary that the label “diesel” be displayed on the label.

Clean thoughts and… fuel system
The fuel filter, like oil, needs to be changed approximately every 10 thousand kilometers. Also, do not forget to drain the fuel filter sucks so that it does not clog. Otherwise, the entire fuel system will suffer from increased hydraulic resistance.

Fuel filter: so the engine does not cough

And if you have enough energy, time and money, then do not be lazy to remove the fuel tank 2 times a year to rinse it. When you see that it “comes out” of the tank, then the question of how relevant this procedure is, will disappear by itself.

Do not bring to sin

Sprinkle car belt
Every 60 thousand kilometers change the timing belt. As a rule, the instructions for the car indicated the limit value of the run, so do not hope that the belt “runs through” all “one hundred thousand” without any stumbling.

Perform a scheduled replacement of the timing belt.

And God forbid that you have broken the timing belt or protested the tensioning pulley: repairs can result in a waste of a large number of American rubles.

Respect your car’s engine
If you are used to saving, then it is better to do it during regular drinking in a restaurant, and not when buying engine parts. If, in the case of a running gear, it is still permissible to buy something “inadequately Chinese”, then very high demands are made on motor parts.

Keep track of the quality of purchased parts

The market is simply drowning in a second-rate product, which in fact turns out to be a blatant marriage. Candles “go out” in two weeks, sprays go to junk right on the stand, and new chains stretch without leaving even thousands of kilometers.

Engine repair should only be trusted by professionals.

Savings are inappropriate and in the event that you decide to carry out repairs. In a specialized service, repairs can cost 2 or even 3 times more expensive. But in the end result, garage work for “Uncle Kolya” can result in additional expenses that will make you wonder – where is the savings?

Engine needs warmth and caress
At the expense of warming up the engine there are a million opinions, and each of them has the right to exist. But still, many experts agree that the motor still needs to be heated, but not for too long. In winter, you come to the car, start the engine, and while you are clearing the car from snowdrifts, the engine will sneeze into even breathing.

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