Autocardiology: proper engine operation
What happens to a person when his heart starts to foul? Absolutely nothing good. And if the problems are serious, then it's time to think about trying on a “wooden…

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With the advent of the car began and the competition on it. The first high-speed record was set in 1898 by one count in France, having won a kilometer by…

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Possible defects when buying a new car
I think you will agree that it is best to buy a new car. Naturally, it will be more expensive, but you do not have to spend money on repairs.…

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Which cars do we choose and why?

The profession of a person, his social environment, age, and marital status has a huge influence on preferences when choosing a personal vehicle. For those people who are not yet ripe for buying their own football club or island in the ocean, a prestigious car is one of the opportunities to assert themselves and demonstrate their status.

But creative people pursue other goals, they do not see themselves in the car “as from a shop” – they just need non-standard tuning, unusual color combinations, spectacular numbers, rare brands, in a word everything that says: “I am a person. I’m not like others!”

Unfortunately, the “decadent” mood and the loss of interest in the life of the car owner, are also visible “a mile away”. It is unlikely that such a person will ever sit behind the wheel of a new car. He is “no worse than many,” but gray, dull and rather untidy. “A car is just a means of transportation!” Is a logical, but very battered slogan of such people.

Psychologists have learned to determine unmistakably which car is suitable for each of the psychological types of people. Cars are not chosen by chance: the color, shape, size and even the make of the car fully correspond to the temperament of the person.

Lessons of psychoanalysis on the roads

Many motorists do not even realize that their car can tell others about what they are afraid to admit to themselves. If they knew this, they probably would have bought other cars so as not to reveal their cards. In the stream of cars you can always find interesting “talking” instances.

Blonde on a pink hummer
A rare passerby does not look back after the powerful pink Hummer flying along the dividing strip. Immediately clear – it belongs to the glamorous young lady. The make of the car and its color translate the message about the character of the hostess with an open dough.
Men, fear girls on pink hummers! Behind the delicate shell are shark teeth and claws of the panther. They can skate through the life of any person to their goals. Hummer – the car is almost military, so the nice woman sitting in it is in the war. Her life is in the struggle for the conquest of the material peaks, and a man who has lost vigilance can easily be among her trophies.

Another colorful character is very common among the owners of huge and expensive cars, more like a truck. This is a short stature, but a very important man. He, not realizing himself, is trying to compensate for the complex of Napoleon, from whom he has suffered since childhood. A big car, almost the size of a bus, a companion is a head and a half taller — something that allows him to feel significant and great, despite his height.

The djigits of the whole world had long been moved to iron horses, but their hot temperament did not change. That they are racing along the roads at the speed of an airplane taking off. Men who love speed, risk, drive, spoiled by female attention. They are not averse to taking advantage of the woman’s disposition and as a result break her heart. High-speed car owners love to conquer new heights and they definitely need new experiences.

Tanks are not afraid of dirt
It rained at least a couple of weeks ago, and this car is still up to the roof in the mud. The naughty teenagers in the rear window managed to print out this famous slogan in sloppy letters. Who is the owner of the “tank”? Most likely, he is a notorious “nihilist”, for whom the appearance of his car is not the main thing in life. Such people do not belong to big cities with their excessive pathos. They love to climb mountains, skinning their hands, kayaking, risking to break every minute.
More men in dirty cars have a big secret. They were just a little wild; there is no beautiful companion for whom I would like to wash the car every day so that it does not stain its delicate fingers, opening the door.

Serious people who occupy high-ranking positions in firms, the presidents of their own companies can not afford to auto color canary or pink flamingo. Our status is all – they consider and prefer expensive executive cars, reserved tones: gray, black, as an exception, white.
All the details in the cabin also emphasize the status, it is possible that the car is an individual assembly, and in order to trim the leather in the salon, it was necessary to specially grow bulls in the highlands of Brazil. At least, the dealership managers could say so to the buyer, and this was a decisive factor in the purchase, because respectable people like to emphasize in every way their belonging to the elite.

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