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How to choose the right wipers

If the janitor in your yard decided not to remove the snow anymore, then all you have to do is to post an announcement that you have lost your golden “Breguet”. And if the “wipers” of your car decided to go on strike, then you need to proceed with their choice. And it must be done correctly.

Car wipers evolved
Windshield wipers of a car or ordinary wipers differ only in the price and the degree of “promotion” of the brand, and in the process of operation they have no significant differences. Unfortunately, not only inexperienced car enthusiasts who have recently acquired their first car think so, but also many experienced drivers. Of course, under the solid label “Made in Germany” a cheap “slanting” fake can be hidden, but this is not the only catch waiting for a buyer when choosing the right model for janitors.

Wipers need and trains, and aircraft
The role of car wipers should not be minimized, since models that fulfill their purpose qualitatively not only withstand the test even in very severe winter, but also allow the driver to detect obstacles on the road in time, therefore preventing accidents and saving lives of both passengers and pedestrians.

Only absolute visibility will allow to avoid a bump or a pit, or instantly respond to an impatient schoolboy who ran out into a red light. Therefore, the choice of janitors should be given a certain time, paying attention to the following parameters.

Sometimes a single janitor needs a windshield.
1. The amount. Traditionally, the car is equipped with two front wipers, but some modern models are adapted for one or three wipers at once. If the rear wipers are provided for in the car, they should also not be neglected, since in severe weather conditions they will provide a clearer visibility and will become the driver’s additional trump card.

Wiper length is an important criterion.
2. Length. Of course, one of the indicators of quality working wipers is the area of ​​glass, which they are able to clear of snow, rain and mud drops, but it is mistaken to assume that to achieve the expected effect, it is enough to acquire the most long wipers. It is important to calculate or test in advance the new system, making sure that the included wipers will not cling to each other. The classic system, consisting of two wipers of the same length, is increasingly being replaced by a more complex one, where the wiper on the driver’s side is slightly longer than on the passenger side, which provides a larger cleaning area.

Frame Wiper
3. Type of wiper:
• Frame. Their effectiveness is due to the fact that the rubber surface is very tight to the windshield, thereby cleans even the most serious dirt, for example, drops of liquid dirt;
• Frameless. They are resistant to icing, do not have distortions and are virtually silent;
• Hybrid. Combine the advantages of two classic types.

Frameless Wiper
4. Type of attachment. The most common type of fastening, which can be purchased at any store or gas station – hook. To purchase other types should contact specialized shops. Among them, you can choose such types of wiper mounting as a bayonet acceptable for some French car brands, a wide hook for American models, a side clip, a button and a side pin.

5. External characteristics. It is almost impossible to determine the quality only by external characteristics, but only the right wipers have a uniform texture, no cracks or burrs on rubber surfaces. You should make sure in advance that there are no jams of movement in the clamps and rounding edges of the working tape.

Janitors should be protected … especially in winter

Some wipers have a wear sensor and spoilers. If the errors are determined already at this stage, it is unlikely that the chosen model has the declared quality.

Wiper can be the center of a creative idea.
And remember, simple truth – the janitor never works sober. To a certain extent, this statement is applicable to car wipers, which together with a high-quality washer can work wonders.

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